5 Reasons You Should Become a User Panel Group Member for QuASP

After we completed the base technology for QuASP and put up our Indiegogo campaign (are you a supporter yet?) we’re now opening up the floor to YOU and your ideas. We’d love to know your ideas on the QuASP and how we can make it better.


We’re starting a small and select community of people that can give feedback on all things QuASP™, ranging from user interface changes to the casing design?

If you love voicing your opinion, are passionate about a sport or developing new motion-based applications, and think you can help increase QuASP™ awesomeness, then join us.

5 Reasons for Joining..

  1. Submit ideas straight to Beestar and discuss with the devs
  2. Be the first to review new features and UI changes
  3. Give feedback on design of the casing
  4. Discount on new products
  5. Regular cool perks like t-shirts and rooftop lunches at our Amsterdam office.

If you are interested in joining the user panel, simply fill in the form below and Charlotte will get in contact with you.

user group quasp

Panel Activities

Every couple of weeks we’ll make materials available for you to review and comment on. These materials can be descriptions of new technical features, implementation of new UI elements or even the use of materials on the sensor devices. We’ll put up an environment in which you can discuss your ideas and where the Beestar team can ask questions to better understand your feedback.

Win Prizes

If the review topic is something you are not knowledgable about or you simply don’t have the time, you are under no obligation to send in your feedback. However, for each comment you send in you will receive points. We’ll reward the user with the highest number of points with a unique prize every month.


Just leave a comment below and we’ll reply to the comment, this way everyone can benefit from the answer and question provided. If you have very specific questions you can get in touch with Charlotte [at] Beestar [eu].

Sign up!

Images by Jim Grisanzio

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