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When we heard that we were selected for the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 2013 in San Francisco a couple of months ago we were incredibly excited to be part of something as big as TechCrunch in the heart of Silicon Valley.

In preparing for the Battlefield we got to work with an incredibly efficient, helpful and insightful TechCrunch team who were able to give us some key insight into the crowd but also the way our product would be perceived on stage.

Based on their continuous feedback we made some changes to our presentation (and some changes to the product as well) along the road. For example, what you know as the QuASP was actually at one stage called WASP (Wireless Acceleration Speed Position). Apparently in the US a Wasp (or W.A.S.P?) is a term for a group that has a disproportionate amount of power.

So we adapted. Practised. Refined the demo. Tested. Practised some more. And then the glorious day came to present.

The Presentation

Emanuele (CEO) and Sergey (CTO) went up on stage to present, while Fulvio (COO) managed the demonstration screens.

Emanuele started off with an explanation why the world is ready for a different type of tracking sensor.

intro-image2 After which he moved on to describe the importance of quantifying sports performance and the need for professional grade tools for the consumer and pro market, using skiing as an example.

“Imagine you are a skier and you want to want to improve your times. What tool are you going to us to accurately measure your performance?” Emanuele @ TC Disrupt.

skier-comparison Sergey then joined and together they showcased the product wearing 2 QuASP devices and using a cheap bat to show live the acceleration, the force of the hit and the angle with which they hit the ball on the racket. They also explained how the technology worked, showing how the QuASP™ connects to the hub for real-time performance analysis and how different devices can “plug into” the data.



The TechCrunch Wave

The response to the presentation was great. A lot of tweeting and Instagramming went on during and after the presentation.

Audience view of Beestar at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013

Audience view of Beestar at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 by @arielarrieta

We were also featured on which sparked somewhat of a heated discussion.

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