After launching the QuASP™ at TechCrunch we also put up our Indiegogo campaign so that anyone can pre order the QuASP™, whether it’s enthusiastic sports players who can use the QuASP™ Light. Or (semi)-pros looking to use the real-time feature.

Here are the options:

QuASP™ Light

The QuASP™ light is the precise entry level motion and outdoor position tracker. It works with the QuASP™ light iPhone and Android app and is ideal for sportsmen at any level for any outdoor precision sport (like golf), ball game (for example tennis, soccer, football, cricket), urban sports (outdoor basketball), etc.

QuASP™ Pro

The QuASP™ Pro provides all the services offered by the QuASP™ Light in real-time, thanks to an additional hardware component, the QuASP™ access point. Apart from the aforementioned services, the QuASP™ Pro offers real-time information on shocks during tackles and impacts and real-time tracking of the whole team.

But for us, as a bunch of nerds, the thing we’re especially proud of is that the QuASP™ Pro exposes APIs for just any kind of position and motion tracking applications. Think about building interactive scoreboards or enhancing the viewing experience of spectators with real-time predictions of plays’ success.

Show your support for the product and the team! Visit Indiegogo and get in there!

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