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Technology nomads, startups and business models

On Friday 14 February, Emanuele Francioni, the CEO and founder of Beestar, gave the talk “Technology Nomads – A historical and social perspective of startup power” at the seminar organized by ABN Amro in occasion of the 41st World Tennis Tournament at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam.

With the ambition of highlighting the success factors for finding a repeatable and scalable startup business model, Emanuele begun the talk by describing the background of Beestar’s co-founders, whose different national roots enabled the management to adopt a very internationally oriented approach to problem solving that makes Beestar the smallest multinational in the world.

According to Emanuele, the business model of a startup has to evolve almost organically through a painful process of trial and error, the iterative path that all entrepreneurs have to endure in their quest to discard what doesn’t work and find the right approach. Based on the lessons learned at Beestar, different factors arose during these process as having capital importance in the economy of the creation of a scalable and repeatable business model as highlighted during the presentation.

The business model which was eventually developed, brought not only a solid revenue stream but also strategic partnerships to help penetrating very different market segments. Among Beestar’s partners it is probably worth mentioning Rabobank, one of the most innovative and user oriented banking group in the Netherlands.

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