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Rebranding is a gamble. Giving up something old and trusted for something new and unknown is not easy.

When GAP changed their logo in 2010 there was a true outrage overwhelming the blogosphere, it seemed a bit severe to have such a strong sense of injustice as a nation of GAP customers, but replacement apparently is not easy.

We also changed our logo recently, including colour, mark and font. Unfortunately, after our rebranding we haven’t yet had to cross a picket line of protesters or had to deal with open letters in the Huffington Post. I say unfortunately because as a startup it’s a dream to think that someday, someone out there might be outraged when you change your logo or your name.

The decision to change the logo came after we changed our focus market.

We’re a technology company and focus on combining kinematics with precise positioning to develop new innovative products. When we started the products we envisioned for our technology were in the field of education and our logo was centered around this.

As we progressed we realised that the market in which our technology would be truly ground-breaking was the mass sport market. And so our first product making use of our patented technology was in the field of performance analysis.

Although the simplicity and the unrestrictive nature of our old logo was spot-on, we wanted to add movement.

Beestar's logo design, rough sketch

After many iterations, ideas and team meetings the vote was casted on a shape that contained the “B” for Beestar (like the old logo) yet had a lot of energy to it. The final sketch actually came from Emanuele, Beestar’s CEO, drawing on our trusted white-board.

So without further ado, we hereby proudly present our new logo.

Outrage optional, yet much appreciated. 

PS. Have you seen our new Indiegogo campaign where you can pre order your


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  1. Fabio Reply

    Your new logo sucks!!! Haha just kidding, here’s my outraged bit :) I think it is actually much better than the older one. I also like the simpler yet classier font. Good job!

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